Sea Eagle Needle Nose 12’6″ SUP

Product Name:Needle Nose
Brand:Sea Eagle
Volume:6" - 225lbs
Fin Boxes:3
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Sea Eagle – Needle Nose 12’6″ Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Sea Eagle comes in an 11’ and a 12’6” model. I took the 12’6″ out to see what it was capable of. Over all I found it to be a good, reliable board. As with most other known brands on the market today it was ridged and felt reliable on the water. I can’t say that is was exceptionally fast, or that any particular feature really stood out but it was reliable and sturdy.

sea-eagle-needle-nose-12-6-sup-3On the water it tracked straight and I didn’t notice any flex in the board. If you have a larger, heavier build or want a board that can carry the added weight of a pet or passenger then you might want to get the 12’6” model instead of the 11′ model.

sea-eagle-needle-nose-12-6-sup-4One of the bonuses this board does have is the option of attaching a seat for sit-down paddling. An inflatable seat can be attached to d-rings in the centre of the board. This is great for long leisurely paddles without worrying about your legs getting tired or if you want to try your hand at fishing from your paddleboard.

I didn’t take this one out into the surf to test it but I’m not confident it would be very suitable in those conditions. On calm flat water its fine however. The centre fin gives the board good tracking but can be removed if you are using the board in waters were debris or submerged objects may cause damage. The kayak style paddle isn’t overly fancy either, but it does the trick.

The carry pack has ample room for not only the deflated board but everything else you need to carry as well. The pump works ok although if you are going to be deflating and re-inflating your board regularly then you may want to upgrade to an electric pump. There are a few good ones on the market that will save you a lot of time and effort.


  • You can achieve fantastic speed on this board. The sleek, narrow design allows you to slice through the water.


  • Not many we can find other than possibly getting an electric pump.

Judges Verdict:

  • This board is a direct competitor to the Naish One 12’6″ we reviewed except it is a cheaper version.  If you want to save a couple hundred dollars over the Naish One then choose this board as it does basically the same thing and comes with a paddle!


  • Dimensions   12’6″ x 30” x 6” (335cm x 76cm x 15cm.)
  • Carries up to 225lbs
  • Kayak style paddle
  • Inflatable seat
  • Hand pump
  • Carry bag
  • Repair kit
  • 3 year warranty

sea-eagle-needle-nose-12-6-sup-5 sea-eagle-needle-nose-12-6-sup-2 sea-eagle-needle-nose-12-6-sup-1

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