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Product Name:SUP
Brand:Isle SUP
Fin Boxes:1 center fin
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ISLE Stand Up Paddle Board Package

The Isle soft top is one of the most affordable boards on the market and a great option as a first board for anyone wanting to get in to the sport. It’s rather narrow which made it easy for me to carry down to the water under my arm.  Being as narrow as it is did make it a little less stable than wider and thicker boards I‘ve reviewed but it’s still a pretty decent board for the price.

I’d definitely consider it for one of my nephews that loves the beach. For beginners it’s great. The price, easy of carrying it and simplicity of the board make it quite appealing. Intermediate users would also get something out of it but for more veteran paddle boarders like myself it’s a bit too basic. It does fine on flat water or very small surf but anything beyond that it just doesn’t have the stability or manoeuvrability you need.


I took my dog out on it fine but you do need to be a bit careful of damaging the foam which can be somewhat easily dented. The base of the board is reinforced with high density polyethylene which is enough to protect it from running ashore at the beach but I’m not sure how it would hold up against submerged wood or rocks. I also found the detachable centre fin a little fiddley. I did get it fitted eventually but it was a little frustrating especially since I’m familiar with inflatable paddle boards and this isn’t the first fin I’ve attached. Once you get the hang of it its fine, just make sure it’s secure before hitting the water.isle-sup-paddle-board-6

Although the board is fairly narrow and thin it still held my weight without a drama and the paddle extends up to 85” (216cm) making it long enough for even the tallest of paddle boarders. Overall the Isle Soft Top has a nice design and is rigid when fully inflated. It offered a nice ride in calm water.


  • Comes with everything you need including, adjustable paddle, padded roof racks and surf leash.
  • The built in non-slip textured surface makes it easy to keep your footing on the water.
  • The affordability of this board makes it really appealing for anyone just starting out.
  • A pump is not needed since it is a fixed board.
  • Comes with a real longboard fin box!


  • More prone to dents and scratches over an iSUP.
  • A little heavier than an inflatable sup

Judges Verdict:

  • I really like the look of this board with the retro wood panel print on the top of the board.  The inclusion of a real longboard fin and fin box is an added bonus.  Even though the fin is a cheap plastic fin that most inflatable sups and soft top board come with, at least you can go buy a high quality longboard fin.  This soft top would be most suitable in the surf compared to an inflatable stand up paddle board because of the rigidity but don’t expect to surf like Kelly Slater on it. This is a definite buy if you are looking for a good all round family sup and have plenty of room in the garage for storage because you can’t deflate this board for easy storage.


  • Dimensions
  • 10’8” long x 31” Wide x 5” thick
  • Carry’s up to 275lbs
  • Adjustable aluminium paddle
  • Detachable centre fin
  • Surf leash
  • Comes in a range of colors
  • 30 Day ‘Ride it and Love it’ guarantee

isle-sup-paddle-board-2 Isle SUP Paddle Board isle-sup-paddle-board-4

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