Aqua Marina SUP

Product Name:Monster
Brand:Aqua Marina
Volume:6" - 350lbs
Fin Boxes:1 Center Fin
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Aqua Marina Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Monster is just that, it’s a monster sized board at 12 feet long and 6 inches thick you are almost guaranteed to stay dry on this board. This is a man-sized boards for even the most solidly built rider. I inflated it to 15psi but it could handle more pressure if you wanted it to be even more rigid. I found 15psi was plenty though and using the manual hand pump it took quite some effort simply due to the volume required.  An electric pump would be extremely wise with this board.

On the water it’s a dream. The extra length and 6” thickness of the board give it superior buoyancy allowing you to paddle high and dry. It’s suitable to be used on flat water or in small to medium surf. Whilst it would be fine in bigger surf as well, you are not going to get the best manoeuvres out of it simply due to its size. aqua-marina-monster-sup-5There is a convenient bungy cord cargo area at the front where you can safely secure some luggage or a picnic basket without fear of it getting wet. The board can easily handle another passenger with a recommended combined weight limit of up to 300lbs. I can imagine taking a sweat heart out for a romantic paddle to a secluded beach or islet for a unique date idea.

The board is surprisingly fast considering its size. For anyone into paddleboard racing and other extreme paddle board sports I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised also. The EVA foot pad is soft enough to be comfortable on your feet but robust and grippy enough to keep a stable footing whilst paddling at high speed. aqua-marina-monster-sup-7

Aqua Marina have made the Monster to be a really durable board. When it’s inflated the board feels quite ridged and firm and much like a traditional hard board. Of course the real benefit and the reason I love paddle boards is that you can have the benefits of this great big board without the hassle of needing a large van to transport it. Once you’re done you simply deflate the board, dry it off, roll it up and pack it into its carry back pack ready to travel to your next adventure.


  • Ultra stability and buoyancy means keeping yourself and your cargo high and dry.
  • The large board makes it suitable to take a passenger for a ride.
  • Comes with a back pack for easy storage and transportation when not in use and a basic repair kit.


  • This board does not come with a SUP paddle so you will need to purchase one separately.
  • It comes with a hand pump but if you think you’ll be inflating it regularly, I would definitely recommend you invest in an additional electric pump.

Judges Verdict:

  • Regardless of this board not including a SUP Paddle, I rate this board high because of the quality and the size of the board.  It nearly ticks all the boxes except the center fin is a proprietary fin which means you can’t buy a different brand SUP fin.


  • Dimensions 12’ x 32” x 6” (365cm x 82cm x 15cm)
  • Holds up to 352lbs (160kg)
  • Bungee cord storage
  • Removable centre fin
  • High pressure pump with air pressure gauge
  • Magic back pack
  • Stainless steel D-Ring for safety leash
  • Repair Kit

aqua-marina-monster-sup-4 aqua-marina-monster-sup-2 aqua-marina-monster-sup-1

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