Tower Paddle Boards iRace 12’6”

Product Name:iRace 12'6"
Brand:Tower Paddle Boards
Volume:6" - 400lbs
Fin Boxes:1 Center fin
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Tower Paddle Boards – 12’6″ iRace

tower-paddle-boards-irace-12-6-7I should probably add a disclaimer here; I am a big fan of Tower Power Boards. This one was no exception. I expected a lot from this package and that was exactly what I expected. This board was designed for speed. At 30” wide it is narrower that a lot of boards on the market but don’t let that fool you, it is still remarkable stable. At 12’6” long it’s a monster of a board but when you get it on the water it is sleek and sexy. Paddle board racing enthusiasts will fall in love with this board in an instant. I wouldn’t race this against non-inflatable racing sups but against other iSUPs it would be a top contendor.

tower-paddle-boards-irace-12-6-4Even if you are not into professional paddle board racing, this board is still a lot of fun. Because of the length and ease of paddling you will find yourself traveling further without any trouble at all. Also because of the length and thickness of the board it can carry a lot more weight making it ideal for two people at once. This is great for teaching someone how to stand up and paddle or just taking someone for a ride around the bay. The traction pad takes up 2 thirds of the board allowing plenty of standing space for you and your student or passenger.

tower-paddle-boards-irace-12-6-1The design of the board itself looks like you would expect a racing board to look. It has pinstripes down the length of the board and is a stylish black and silver color. The nose of the board is pointed to help cut through the water. The traction pad is cushioned for comfort but also provide suitable grip to keep your footing while racing. There’s a d-ring at the rear to attach an ankle leash and a handle in the centre for ease of carrying it up from the water.

I also fell in love with the fiberglass paddle. Being made of fiberglass means that it is a lot lighter and stronger than an aluminium or plastic paddle. It’s extendable so you can adjust it for your height and the shape and design of it feels comfortable to paddle with. It’s not the best paddle on the market but it’s very good quality for one that comes in a set package.tower-paddle-boards-irace-12-6-2

Unfortunately this board doesn’t come with a carry bag but it does roll up into a convenient 30” x 35” roll. Not much bigger than a sleeping bag. There are a number of iSUP carry bags available on the market so you’ll be able to shop around for one that suits you needs and your budget.


  • Deflates and rolls up to a compact 35” wide x 30” diameter for easy transportation.
  • Good quality fiberglass paddle. Sleek and sexy paddleboard design.


  • Doesn’t come with a carry bag.
  • The hand pump that comes included takes a bit of work due to the large volume required for a board of this size. You might want to invest in an electric pump to make your life a little easier.

Judges Verdict:

  • This board is another competitor to the Naish One 12’6″ we reviewed except it is a cheaper version.  If you want to save a couple hundred dollars over the Naish One then choose this board as it does basically the same thing and comes with a paddle!


  • Dimensions 12’6 x 30” x 6” (381cm x 76cm x 15cm.)
  • Can carry up to 400lbs (181kg)
  • 3 piece fiberglass paddle
  • Detachable centre fin
  • High pressure pump repair kit
  • 2 year warranty
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