Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 – 10’4″ iSUP

Product Name:Adventurer 2
Brand:Tower Paddle Boards
Fin Boxes:3 (1 center and 2 side fins)
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Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer 2 – SUP Review

tower paddle boards adventurer 2I recently reviewed the Tower Adventurer 9’10” and was pretty impressed with what it offered. But now that I’ve had a chance to get my hands on the Adventurer 2 I’m even more delighted. I have mostly praise for this board except for the pump which I’ll get to later. With the Adventurer 2 package, Tower delivers the quality I’ve come to expect. It’s suitable for beginners or families with children but will equally be appreciated by more experienced paddle boarders like myself.

tower paddle boards adventurer 2The board itself looks great and at 10’4” long is big enough for a passenger to sit up front. One of the additions Tower has made to this board is a handle at the front. Now this might not seem like much but it’s incredibly handy if you want someone to help you carry the board down to the water. Despite the size, the board isn’t overly heavy weighing around 26 lbs (12kg).  Having the handle at the front allows your kids to bring it back up to your campsite after having fun down in the shallows.

tower paddle boards adventurer 2The paddle that comes with the Adventurer 2 package is a 3 piece fiberglass design. The fiberglass material means makes it lighter than the aluminium versions. The 3 piece design makes it long enough for taller paddle boarders to use in comfort, yet it breaks down into small enough pieces to be stored away with the rolled up board.

tower paddle boards adventurer 2The only downside I found with this package was the hand held pump.  I found I got quite worn out trying to get the board inflated to 11 or 12 psi. Luckily I also have my handy electric air pump so I could put 15psi+ in the iSUP quickly. If you only use the board occasionally then the manual pump should be fine.

For more frequent users I would recommend you invest in a little electric pump to make your life easier.Electric Air SUP Pump

Like the original Tower Adventurer, the Adventurer 2 also doesn’t come with a carry bag which is a little disappointing. It does have a carry strap for once you’ve deflated and rolled it up. There are many bags available on the market that can be bought as an addition to your board. I like the [insert brand here] bags, it’s worth the extra few dollars for the ease of having your paddle, pump and repair kit all together for ease of transport and knowing where everything is.


  •  The carry handle at the front and rear is definitely an improvement. This package has everything you need to get started and you have the assurance of a quality brand with a great reputation.
  • 6″ thick
  • 350lbs support is a lot of weight so this iSUP would suit nearly everyone.
  • SUP Paddle is fibreglass and not plastic
  • 32″ is roughly 2″ wider than most Inflatable stand up paddle boards which makes this board really stable.  You could almost dance on it and not fall off!


  • The manual air pump disappointed me as it was difficult to get up. For a board this size you really need to consider purchasing an electric air pump that pumps up the board to 15psi+ quickly.
  • Only the single fin is removable which leaves the other 2 side fins there permanently when you roll up the board.
  • No carry bag included

Judges Verdict:

  • This board is quality and has some really good improvements over the Tower Adventurer from a few years ago, like the added carry handles on front and tail, cord carry on front section, fibreglass paddle and also the material.  Only thing I don’t like is the weak air pump included but you should by an electric pump for any iSUP you buy anyway.


  • 10’4” long x 32” wide x  6” thick (315cm x 81cm x 15cm)
  • Rolls up to a convenient 33” long by 12” wide ( 84cm x31cm)
  • Roll up carry strap
  • Supports up to 350 lbs (159kg)
  • 3 piece fiberglass paddle
  • Diamond groove deck pad
  • Manual air pump
  • Removable centre fin
  • Military grade material and stitching.
  • Basic repair kit
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty

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