Ten Toes – The Weekender SUP 10′

Product Name:The Weekender
Brand:Ten Toes Board Emporium
Fin Boxes:3 removable fins
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Ten Toes Weekender Review 10’x30″x6″

Ten Toes Weekender SUP

This was a really great board to take out on the water. The board inflated rather quickly compared to some other boards I’ve taken out for a splash. To get it down to the water it only has one handle, but that’s not too much of a problem, as it really isn’t too heavy.  The paddle that comes with this SUP package separates into three pieces that lock together when you’re ready to use it. Once you have connected the paddle pieces together it adjust up to 9 foot (274 cm) in length.


Ten Toes Weekender SUPThe Ten Toes Stand up paddleboard is fairly sturdy due to its 6” (15cm) thickness. I’m an average build and find it took my weight well. I don’t think it would have any troubles at all holding a bigger person. It’s quite easy to paddle too. The three fins give it a smooth glide. All three fins are removable, which is another great feature as you can replace them if they ever get damaged. Some other boards you can only remove the centre fin while the other two are fixed in place. I can’t see you needing to replace the fins though as the whole board is high quality and quite sturdy. The board comes with extra grip pad included too in case you ever need to replace that also.


Ten Toes Weekender SUPThis board is not build for speed. If you’re looking for something fast and agile then this is not your board. However if you’re the kind of person who enjoys coasting down a river, checking out the scenery then this definitely IS the board for you. I’d also recommend it as a family board. The thickness and rigidity when fully inflated makes it nice and stable so it would be great for kids to paddle on without losing balance. It could also be a great option as a yoga board.


Ten Toes Weekender SUPThe other thing I love about this board is it comes with a repair kit, many inflatable paddle boards don’t and it’s something you need to buy as an add-on. The repair kit has all the essentials such as adhesive, PVC for patching your SUP and a valve wrench.  Like all inflatable SUP’s once deflated your board will roll up tightly and you can secure it with its nylon strap. The Ten Toes is great all-purpose board that you’ll love taking down to the river or lake on your family holidays.



  • Attractive design and available in a choice of a handful of colors,  red/black, blue, grey,  green and teal.
  • 6″ Thick for Solid and durable construction.
  • Includes Pump, repair kit, SUP Paddle and 3 fins
  • All 3 fins are removable


  • Only 1 year warranty
  • Not suited for the surf

Judges Verdict:

  • The Judge says this is a great all round board and SUP Package.  I really like how all 3 fins are removable as some iSUP’s seem to keep the side fins in permanently which makes for awkward times rolling up the board. Good price too for what you get.  6″ is the standard thickness you should buy too so this checks the box.


  • Made from Military Grade PVC
  • Carries up to 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • 30” wide (76 cm)
  • 6” Thick (15 cm)
  • 3 piece collapsible paddle
  • Both the small side fins and the larger centre fin are removable.
  • Manual air pump with pressure gauge
  • Choice of colours
  • Repair Kit
  • 1 year Warranty
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