Supflex – SUP 10′

Product Name:Inflatable SUP
Volume:6" - 350lbs
Fin Boxes:3 fins
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Supflex Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard

I was really presently surprised by this board and couldn’t find much to fault it on. From the design and construction to the added accessories it is quite a wonderful package. It looks great and is really nice to use out on the water. Although I’m an experienced stand up paddle boarder, I think beginners would find this board comfortable and manageable too.
supflex-1The board was incredibly ridged out on the water that you’d have a hard time telling the difference between this and a traditional hard board. It’s made of military grade PVC and is very sturdy. I have no reservations about taking out on a river or rougher water where there may be submerged wood or rocks.  I love inflatable stand up paddle boards for this reason. You get a robust and durable board suitable for any condition with the convenience of being able to take it anywhere. Carry it down to a secluded beach in your back pack, pull it out and in minutes you have a fully inflated paddle board ready to hit the water.

supflex-3The Dual action hand pump works by inflating the board on the up action as well as the down action of the pump. This allows you to have the board fully inflated in half the time as compared to using other manual pumps. I’m usually an advocate for upgrading to an electric pump, but this one is fantastic. It’s also convenient if you are travelling around places where an electric pump wouldn’t be practical. The pump has an integrated gauge meter that lets you know when you have achieved the optimum inflation of 15psi. You could inflate it even more if you really wanted to, but there’s no need. At 15psi the board was completely ridged with no flex at all when I hit the water.

supflex-4The 6” thickness gives you plenty of stability and by attaching the centre fin you get a smooth ride on flat or calm waters. If you want more agility and are taking it into the surf you should remove the detachable centre fin. This will give you more control and movement in the water. The Supflex All-Around package is just that, an all-around board that is suitable for all ages and experience levels.

If you want something the whole family can use no matter where your holiday supflex-2destinations take you, then this is definitely a board worth considering.


  • 6″ Thickness keeps the board nice and stiff for an iSUP
  • Dual Action hand pump allows for quicker inflation.
  • Only 22lbs, which is light for an inflatable SUP.


  • The paddle is heavier than most.
  • Side fins are not removable.

Judges Verdict:

  • A great all round iSUP package that has everything you need to get out on the water.  The only knock I have against this package is the paddle being a little heavier than what I would want but I still rate this as a pretty good board if you are looking for a package with everything included.


  • Dimensions 10’ x 30” x 6”( 305cm x 76cm x 15cm)
  • Holds up to 350 lbs (159kg)
  • Adjustable 3 piece paddle
  • Hand pump
  • Ankle lease
  • Carry back pack
  • Military grade PVC with drop-stich construction
  • Detachable centre fin
  • 4 d-rings with bungee for cargo hold and a 5th D-ring for an ankle leash.
  • 2 year manufactures warranty
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