Product Name:iSUP
Brand:Shark Sups
Volume:6" - 200lbs
Fin Boxes:3
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Shark SUP 10’6” Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

sharksups-5Shark SUPS have really thought about their customers when putting together this package. On setting up the board I noticed a couple of useful things. The dual action pump has a handy three-color gauge that helps you know how much more air you need to inflate your board with. sharksups-2It starts at yellow and move into the green as you reach optimum pressure, too much air and you’ll head into the red. I found that 15psi was ok, but at 18psi it felt more rigid and stable once on the water. I wouldn’t recommend going past 20psi.

Once inflated you get to appreciate the stunning design of the board. The bright colors and integral shark pattern are quite appealing. The black traction pad is ample size whether you prefer standing or kneeling to paddle. Beginners may find kneeling preferable until they find their balance. At 30” wide the board has a little bit of wobble. I had no problem with balancing the board, but then I hit the water every week. For unexperienced users it might take a bit of getting used to but if you’re up for the challenge it would be a good learning tool.

The arched nose of the board allows you to get quite a bit of speed and also helps you on choppy waters. While it can handle small waves it can take a bit of effort to control so I’d recommend it more for calmer waters especially for novice users.

This package is fantastic for the other included features as well. Stainless steel d-rings at the front and rear of the board allow you to connect an ankle leash to one and tow or be towed with the other. An additional 4 Stainless steel d-rings and bungy cord at the front of the board give you somewhere to secure your bag, drink bottle, flip-flops or any other belongings you want to carry with you out on the water. Shark has included a 10 foot long ankle leash in the package and even a handy water resistant mobile phone pouch.

The bag is one of the better ones I’ve had the pleasure of using. It has padded shoulder straps if you want to carry it on your back when hiking as well as wheels if you want to pull it through an airport.  Getting your deflated paddle board in and out of the bag is easy with the wide zipper and there is a second zipper compartment for your pump, repair kit and other items.


  • The board has a carry handle in the centre, making it easy to carry up from the water.
  • Has ample d-rings. 4 laced with bungy for the cargo hold area, one at the front for towing and one at the rear for the ankle leash.


  • The board is a little heavier than some of the others, but the carry handle compensates for when you carry it up from the water.
  • When it’s packed up you’ll hardly notice the weight difference. It takes a bit longer to inflate to the recommended 18psi although this is assisted by the dual action pump include in the package.

Judges Verdict:

  • We found this board to be an alright option but believe there are better iSUP packages to be found even though you can find this package to include a leash and a waterproof phone pouch.


  • Dimensions; 10’6” x 30” x 6” (320cm x 76cm x 15cm)
  • Carries up to  220lbs (100kg)
  • Adjustable 3 piece aluminium paddle
  • Back pack
  • Ankle leash
  • SUP3 easy Pump
  • Repair kit
  • 1 year manufacturers guarantee

sharksups-4 sharksups-3 sharksups-1

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