PathFinder Inflatable SUP Set 9’9”

Product Name:Pathfinder SUP
Brand:Pathfinder SUP
Fin Boxes:1
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Pathfinder Inflatable Sup Review 9’9″

pathfinder inflatable sup reviewIf you’re just starting out and you are looking for a package to get you started that includes everything you need, then this is a great place to start. The whole family will enjoy getting out on the water on this board. Paddle boarding is a great activity for all ages and can be a great learning tool for novices wanting to progress to surfing. Traditional stand up paddleboards are ridged however a new wave of inflatable boards are now available which offer a more convenient way to transport your board meaning you can pack it in with your luggage for your next holiday or camping trip with ease.

pathfinder inflatable sup reviewThe board itself is large with a comfortable deck pad which will ensure you stay on your feet. Once you have inflated your board to 15 PSI with the pump that comes included in the package, the board will feel quite firm almost like a traditional hard board. The benefit with an inflatable SUP however is the ease of transport. When you’re finished having fun for the day, simply remove the detachable centre tracking fin and deflate the board. Then it packs away neatly in the convenient carry bag to take home.

pathfinder inflatable sup review


The Package comes with a hand pump for inflating your paddle board which will take you around 10 minutes however you could opt for an electric SUP pump if you prefer the convenience.


There are some other fantastic features that also come along with this package. Firstly the aluminium paddle, it’s light so it won’t sink if you (or one of the kids), drops it into the water. It breaks down into two pieces making it easy to pack away with the paddleboard and when fitted together the paddle is adjustable up to 85” (215cm) for comfortable use for even the tallest of paddle boarders. The Bungee cord at the front is great for securing any cargo or can be used to help younger users to stay on-board in a seated position while mum or dad stand and paddle. Keep in mind that the board is designed for up to 240 lbs (108 kg) weight limit so I wouldn’t recommend two heavier people attempting to use the board at the same time. The board also has a D-Ring for attaching a leash which is advisable if you will be using the board in deeper or more turbulent waters.


  • Cheap price for an iSUP
  • Single fin is removable which make it easier to roll up the iSUP
  • Includes a Paddle, Carry Bag and Inflatable SUP Pump
  • Available in Blue or Orange


  • Only 1 fin compared to other boards having 3
  • 5″ thick compared to the new normal which is 6″.  5″ makes it only viable for someone lighter than 200lbs even though they say 240lbs.

Judges Verdict:

  • Great buy if you are a lightweight under 200lbs.  This board is not suitable for any waves so buy if you are going to be using it in flat water.


240 lbs (108 kg) weight limit

Dimensions when fully inflated- 9’9” long x 30”wide x 5” thick.
(297cm long x 76cm wide x 13cm thick)

PVC Material for durability

Bungee tie-down cord

D-Ring for attaching a leash

pathfinder inflatable sup review pathfinder inflatable sup review pathfinder inflatable sup review

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