iRocker 11′ Inflatable SUP Board

Product Name:11'
Brand:iRocker Paddle Boards
Fin Boxes:3 (1 center and 2 side fins)
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iRocker 11′ Inflatable SUP Board Review

iRocker 11 Inflatable SUP Board

iRocker’s motto is “You can buy a cheaper paddle board but not a better one” and they back this up with the consistent quality of their product. I like taking out these longer boards as there’s plenty of room for my dog to come along for the ride. The 6″ thickness of this board made it feel incredibly ridged on the water. The large, diamond groove deck allows for easy traction and a comfortable stance on the board.


iRocker 11 Inflatable SUP BoardThe width of the board aids its buoyancy, for this reason it’s a great board for beginners that are still learning to find their paddle board-legs. Another great thing about the size of this board is that it’s big enough to lay down on and relax if you feel like a bit of sun baking or just want to float around. A word of caution however, if you are going to do this make sure that you have friends or family keeping an eye on you or that you can’t float too far away, safety first!


iRocker 11 Inflatable SUP BoardThe aluminium paddle extends from 63 inch to 85 inch (160cm to 216cm) making it suitable for all ages and heights. There’s nothing worse than having to lean over to paddle and ending up with a sore back. The board has stainless steel D-rings laced with bungee cord so you can secure your water bottle or any other cargo on your board. There are additional D-rings also near the edge of the deck which can be used to install a kayak seat making your board even more versatile.


iRocker 11 Inflatable SUP BoardAs I’ve mentioned, the length and width of this board make it ultra-stable on the water. This is great for flat water such as lakes and slow rivers however it won’t do as well in big surf. What you gain in stability you lose in manoeuvrability. You can probably get away with it in light swell but anything more than that isn’t practical. If you want something that’s multi-purpose there are other smaller boards that would be better suited.


iRocker 11 Inflatable SUP BoardOverall I was very pleased with this board. It has a great design and comes in different colours. It comes with its own backpack which is really useful and it’s as durable as any hard board on the market. For use on slow, flat water this is a great board. Ideal for families that want something they can sit 2 or 3 kids on to float and paddle around in the lake.



  • Paddle included is adjustable and not the 3 piece type paddle which I like because it gives a better solid feel when paddling.
  • Includes everything you need, pump, paddle and carry bag
  • Weight limit of 385lbs allows almost anyone to use this board and even carry dogs and other stuff.


  • Only the center fin is removable
  • Although the Paddle is adjustable, it doesn’t break down into smaller pieces if you are looking for better storage.
  • The manual hand held pump, I really recommend you spend the extra money and invest in an electric pump.
  • Not for the surf

Judges Verdict:

  • The Judge really likes the one piece adjustable paddle which gives a more solid feel when paddling.  Great board for yoga, carrying kids or dogs on leisurely paddles on flat water.  The pump is a bit tough and tiresome to pump to the desired 15psi so I recommend getting an electric pump for any SUP you buy anyway.


  • Dimensions 11 foot long x 30 inch wide x 6 inch thick (335cm x 76cm x 15cm)
  • Deflates and rolls up to 33 inch long, 13 inch in diameter (84cm x 33 cm)
  • Supports up to 385lbs (175kg) when fully inflated
  • 2 Colors – Blue or White
  • Carry back pack
  • Adjustable aluminium paddle
  • Hand pump
  • Repair kit
  • Military grade drop stitch material
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty
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